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Hardware implementations of DSP and FPGA designs are among the most demanding and high risk around. In order to reduce the costly reiteration customers can out-source this task to Bitec. Having a wide experience in high-speed PCB design and the latest constraint driven development tools, Bitec can limit customer risk and re-iteration.

Bitec advantage Hardware design services

  • Reduced risk development
  • Experienced high-speed design
  • State of the art constraint driven tools
  • Multilayer, mixed mode designs
  • Prototype and production intent
iconnetworkingWith emerging standards increasing the choice of wireless technologies and applications, benefits for businesses employing wireless technology are becoming ever more accessible. Bitec offer a range or hardware and software services which allow the early adoption of such technologies with minimum risk and cost. Bitec bring together the low-cost and high-speed processing performance processing used for the “back-end” processing necessary for reliable link integrity with minimal data redundancy.

Communications & Networking expertise

  • RFID Technologies
  • Zigbee Mesh network integration
  • Satellite communications
  • Remote Sensing Intergration
  • Wireless/Mobile data communications
  • Middleware

Parallel systems design and programmingHighly complex processing tasks may require parallel architectures. Whether for real-time processing or large problem formulation, Bitec can offer years of experience in the development of parallel architectures. From problem decomposition to algorithm optimisation, Bitec offer customers the opportunity to achieve high performance processing by exploiting the current trend in low cost multi-core processors.

Parallel systems expertise

  • Open MP programming
  • MPI systems programming
  • Parallel optimisation
  • Parallel systems design

Digital Signal Processing ​The Bitec DSP design services meet your needs for demanding and performance critical DSP software and hardware solutions. Our experienced engineers work with our customers to determine the goals and constraints for their designs, and then design the optimal solutions for their applications. As technology partners of both TI and ALTERA, Bitec can assist customers to adopt combined FPGA & DSP solutions to challenge the most demanding applications.

We have expertise in

  • DSP Algorithmics and modelling
  • Real time applications
  • DSP + FPGA hardware and software development.
  • DSP software integration.
  • DSP optimization.
  • Texas Instruments DSP architectures.
  • ALTERA Nios II architecture and SoPC.
  • MP3 and video codecs (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, h26x).
  • RF/DSP interface issues.
Sustainable technologies are technologies which use less energy, fewer limited resources, do not deplete natural resources, do not directly or indirectly pollute the environment and can be reused or recycled at the end of their useful life. Bitec adopt a “sustainable” approach in all their design and consultancy services. From concept to prototype to production, the environmental impact on all decisions are assessed at each and every stage.

Sustainable design methodology

  • Low-impact materials
  • Energy efficiency
  • Quality and durability
  • Design for reuse and recycling
  • Standardization and modularity
Product design servicesBitec provides turnkey product design services from concept definition to design and development of a fully tested and certified unit ready for volume manufacturing. The unique combination of our skills in DSP/ FPGA design, high-speed board development and skills in firmware development gives us an edge in providing system level solutions. As a member of the Altera ACAP program, Bitec is a recognised centre for expertise in the design Altera solutions.

Value add to Our Customers

  • Reduce development risk and cost, and time-to-market.
  • Experienced technical team with wide spectrum of skills on different platforms.
  • Portfolio of ready to use IP
  • Royalty free Opencore design options

Opencore FPGA systems integration There is a growing interest in the commercial usage of Opencore technology. Bitec offer customers expertise in the area of opensource cores greatly reducing final system costs and limiting royalty liability.

There is an ever increasing range of opencore solutions which Bitec can integrate into bespoke, customer systems. From loyalty-free processors to high speed serial peripheral cores, designs based on opencore technology meet are a cost effective path to product delivery.

Opencore Advantages

  • Zero acquisition costs
  • Royalty free
  • Wide range of growing core designs
  • Adaptable architectures
  • Access to full source code




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