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Are you impressed by our products?
Would you like to work with us developing state-of-the-art DSP and FPGA technology. We are always looking for professionals to join us.

Are you a top-rate worker in your field?
From time to time we are looking for first-class hardware and software engineers with DSP and FPGA experience, for positive and successful sales people with electronics experience and for skilled and enthusiastic people working in electronics manufacturing.

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Send an email to jobs@bitec-dsp.com Send us your CV, or just a brief overview of your skills and experience.

Exciting and challenging work.
We work at the leading edge of DSP and FPGA technology. We have a wide range of products and a customer base which deploys these products into an amazing variety of applications. So there is a constant variety of challeges and opportunities.


Current Vacancies:

For the latest news and vacancies please contact Bitec : jobs@bitec-dsp.com