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SC Camera Daughter Card

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5.2 Megapixels camera module for the Altera FPGA development kits with Santa Cruz expansion port.

  • 5.2 Megapixels Omnivision CMOS sensor
  • Resolution to 2,592×1,944
  • Nios II compatible

The rapid expansion of intelligent camera applications requires adaptable, high-performance development tools. The Santa Cruz camera board from Bitec interfaces a 5.2 mega pixel camera to the Altera series of developments kits.

The SC Camera is based on the award winning, Omnivision ov5620 CMOS sensor. The camera produces excellent images at up to 7.5 fps at maximum resolution and 60 fps at 864×600 enabling enhanced viewing on TV output. The board is shipped with a demonstration of the Bitec Camera Front End IP core.

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  • 5.2 Megapixels Omnivision CMOS sensor
  • Resolution to 2,592×1,944
  • Frame rates to VGA @ 60fps & SVGA @ 30fps
  • Compatible with Altera dev kits with Santa Cruz expansion port
  • Compatible with Nios II processor
  • Shipped with examples and source code


  • Machine vision
  • Video phone
  • Remote image sensing
  • Surveillance systems
  • Biometrics
  • Image recognition, filtering and compression
  • Video streaming
  • Stand-alone vision systems
  • Net connected smart camera
  • VoIP projects
SC Camera Daughter Card


SC Camera Daughter Card


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SC Camera Daughter Card
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