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FMC DisplayPort Daughter Card – Revision 8

$ 595.00

FMC DisplayPort interface Daughter Card – Revision 8

  • Source and Sink interfaces
  • Supports DisplayPort 1.2 HBR2 data-rate (5.4 Gbps) and DP 1.3 HBR3 (8.1Gbps)
  • Compatible with Altera GX development kits
  • On board serial EEPROM for HDCP key storage
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The Bitec FMC Displayport Daughter Card is designed to interface Altera GX FPGA development kits to DisplayPort source and sink devices. The daughter card is compatible with the Bitec DisplayPort IP Core.

The FMC DisplayPort daughter card interfaces the DisplayPort main link signals directly to the FPGA allowing data rates up to 8.1Gbps.

The board has been tested using numerous third party DP 1.2 Sinks and Sources and has had preliminary testing to 8.1Gbps.