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Averlogic AL460 Video FIFO Development Kit

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Complete kit for application development using the Averlogic AL460 Video FIFO.

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Bitec have made available a development platform for the latest Averlogic Video FIFO. The AL460 consists of 128Mbit of memory configured as an 8,192K x 16 bits FIFO (First-In-First-Out). The optimized access scheme offers a maximum R/W speed up to 150 MHz. The FIFO provides simple and easy-to-use user interfaces facilitating usage in a wide range of applications, such as Multimedia systems, video capture systems, and various video data buffering applications. The AL460 offers a viable, cost effective alternative to high density memory solutions such as DDR or DDR2 SDRAM. The device presents a compact and simple interface to external controllers such as an FPGA.

Bitec, in colaboration with Avrlogic have released a bundle of the popular Bitec HSMC DVI daughter card along with the Averlogic HSMC FIFO Module (see photo) to provide a cost effective solution for fast time-to-market development.

The reference design demonstrates the interface between the AL460 and the Altera VIP Suite. A FULL HD input image is looped through the AL460 and displayed on the DVI output. The design can easily be used as the basis of more complex systems such as 3D Filtering, Video Compression and other video metric algorithms.


  • Altera 3C120 Development kit
  • Bitec HSMC DVI Daughter card
  • Averlogic AL460A-7-EVB-A0 150Mhz daughter card
  • 256 Mbit density, 8M x 32-bit FIFO memory
  • Maximum 150 MHz, 32-bit synchronous sequential read/write operations
  • Maximum 4.8 Gbps throughput
  • 3.3V power supply
  • Programmable I/O control
  • Supports double buffer mode (4M x32-bit upper and lower frames access)
  • Selectable Polarity control
  • Bitec HD Video loop through reference design
Averlogic AL460 Video FIFO Development Kit
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